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He has been called “the best-kept healing secret” on the west coast.

For over forty years, Fredd Lenn has been teaching people the secrets of how to heal their lives and careers from the inside out. He spent decades studying with authentic spiritual masters and teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, seeking the spiritual and mystical knowledge lost to the modern world.

In the process, Fredd Lenn discovered the most treasured secret of all: connecting your head with your heart. He realized that to succeed in business and still stay connected to inner peace required the cultivated use of the mind and the heart together.

He now shares that knowledge with you in his first book.

If anyone can assist you in finding the inner lever of self-mastery and materializing your dreams, it is Fredd Lenn through his book Inner Marketing. He has done this for thousands, let him do it for you


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Not a Head Trip. In my experience, the point of difference in Fredd’s work is that it is not a head trip. From what I’ve experienced and seen of other similar work and teachers, they are “paths” or craft their work into a “path” or philosophy.

Clark Martin

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Becoming Your Own Teacher. What I’ve found so unique about Fredd’s work is that it enables the individual to become his or her own teacher/helper/friend, by learning to listen without judgement to his or her own self – the body, the feelings, intuitions, thoughts

Jill Lancaster

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More than a Healer: Fredd sees with a much broader lens of life than anyone I have ever met, and therefore is able to use this spiritual realization/perception to help people at a far greater capacity and depth. In this way, I see that he does not try to “fix” people, but instead help them to heal and evolve at every level.

Jessica Joyce

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Self-Empowering: Fredd’s work has been tremendously empowering for me, especially because since I was a kid, I really wanted to know who I am. I feel like paths don’t usually merge personality and soul, he does. Other teachings can focus on one at the expense or exclusion of the other.

Austin James